Quill to Celuloid

From Quill to Celluloid

We’ve been recording things since time began. Once just stories told and passed down through the generations until mankind learnt to write and we were able to start we began record-keeping. Just think of the methods we use now, how quickly they’ve evolved and how we take them all for granted.

I learnt to type on a manual sit-up-and-beg typewriter. Then an electric typewriter. Then a typewriter with a one-line display which you could correct before you hit return. Then Word Processor, a pre-runner of the desktop computer before, at last, the birth of the home computer. Mine was a small cube, an early MAC.

I was British Caledonian Airways’ first Word Processor operator. Floppy discs of course. I remember going to NASA at Houston and seeing the rows and rows of computers each about the size of a washing machine, linked together to handle the space flights. I think around 1977.

The magnetic tapes were less than one megabyte storage for mainframes in the very early 1950s. And the discs were at least 12inches/30cms diameter and more than a half inch/cm thick.

Now I’ve got more computing power on my mobile than was in the Lunar Landing module, as well as a fine camera for recording and sending immediately. I’ve got Skype and WhatsApp to talk to my family across the miles. And I’ve got a website and Blog that sits who-knows-where!

As for photographs, We had to take films, carefully choosing the subject so as not to waste film, wait for days to get the result only to find half the time, the light had got in and ruined the shot. Do you remember the excitement of the first Polaroids? Immediate results, only thing was you couldn’t get any more copies.

Now we have a positive deluge of photos everywhere, memory sticks, on Facebook, websites, blogs and even in the Clouds!

Our Technology is changing at the speed of Light!