From Victim to Victory

in Life’s Easy lessons!

David had brought me a little Apple Mac, about a one-foot cube with a tiny screen. I had many hours alone and the urge to type became insistent.  I felt very embarrassed. Why would I want to write about myself? Who would want to read about me?

When I eventually sat in front of the screen, my fingers just flew across the keys. Pages and pages of text! It seemed to write itself. 

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 ISBN: 978-095449-566-4

from the Back Cover

Natural Health is not just about taking Echinacea instead of antibiotics.  And being Spiritual is not only a set of beliefs.  So just what is behind the massive interest in Alternative Health today?  And what does ‘Spiritual’ really mean?

In her first book ‘From Victim to Victory’ the author looks at how discovering the spiritual path can make a real difference to our lives; how changing your mind can lead to the realisation that life is not just a series of unrelated unhappy accidents, but a Journey we each must make whether consciously or not.

The first stage in self-empowerment is the realisation that it’s not the situation that needs to change but our reaction to it. 

The only person you can change is you.  In doing so you have an effect on the others around you, leading to improvements in relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and ultimately at a global level.

Annee’s passion is the changing face of our times and our opportunity to become all that we can be.