Why Here? Why Now?

Threshold of a New Age

Were you there for the Turning of the Millennium? Can it really be more than 20 years already?

I had been excited by the idea since I can’t remember when. Back in the 1960s, during my teens, I realised there was a good chance I would be here, on Earth, to see it happen.  It felt so monumental to me, as we counted down the days, hours,  minutes of 31 December 1999. It would be another thousand years before such an auspicious calendar change would be experienced again.

But in the late ‘90s, other significant dates had also drawn my attention. I had heard of José Argüelles and the Mayan Calendar, thus the importance of 2012. My close friend Laurence James Lucas had taught me much about astrology as it related to the growth of humanity, and increasingly my circle of friends encompassed many who believed in a shift.

I believe I was 22 when the 5th Dimension’s iconic song ‘Age of Aquarius’ first emerged. Those wonderful words! Somehow I knew that I was here for a specific time, the Dawning of a New Age.