Becoming All that You can Be

The concept of StarDrum is that of embracing a very wide approach to spirituality, alternative thinking, appreciation of all life, and becoming all that you can be.

I meet a lot of people who call themselves Spiritual when what they mean is they believe in an afterlife. Some may believe in reincarnation. Some believe you can have contact with your departed loved ones.

Others may have an interest in alternative health preferring to take natural remedies wherever possible. Some study diet, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, or meditation.

Some people believe in other worlds, Beings of greater knowledge or intellect.

Astrology, the similarities in the religions of the world, rather than the differences between them, a philosophical approach to life and a respect for all life; all these are a part of the whole. A wonder of the cosmos and all possibilities, the enormity of it all, all these enchant me.

A realisation that we are more than just a body, a physical being, although of course we do experience this Journey called life through the physical. We also think and feel.

There’s some useful tools I’ve found.