Here we are!

Another New Year! And what a wonderful start to 2022 – bright sunshine after several days of persistent and heavy rain. Warm in the garden, so three hours sitting in the sunshine, enjoying lots of kitty visitors, taking turns to seek me out, whilst reading one of my absolutely favourite books; ‘Song of the Sound’, […]

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Feeling Low

Bound to happen after feeling so elated on finishing ‘Under my Skin’ over the weekend. Orders placed and a couple of people already reading their ebook versions. Initial response is great. The project has consumed me over the last six months and so I need to turn my attention to the next one. A slump

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Annee Maddy today

As I start to put myself together again, I find it’s time to expose myself (so to speak!) through my new website and blog. I’ve had a website at for many years and it still expresses my beliefs and convictions. So time to update with a fresh new look, and, it would seem, a

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If I didn’t have Cats!

Such company, their dear little furry bodies, pressed against mine, their purrs to soothe, their cuddles, their ‘biscuit-making’, how can I ever feel alone? I note how they are so good at being in the moment. “Feed me, feed me! Oh, right, not now, okay – I’ll go and play.” If only we humans could

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I never realised how very noisy it can be! I never realised how very noisy silence can be! There’s such a difference between being present in a house with another person you love, both engaged in different, quiet pursuits, and being alone in that same space. I’m used to spending time on my own, in

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So, Where have I been?

Well, I guess, learning to re-invent myself would be the answer! I had imagined that I would share my feelings and challenges as I ‘started again’, but I was often not able to focus.  I slowly realised that I had misjudged the enormity of the task of becoming who I now would be; no longer

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