Starting Again

What does it mean to you?

Yes of course, the loss of a Loved One, but there are many kinds. Have you ever considered that Retiring is a sense of Bereavement too? In a world where we are identified primarily by the job that we do, losing that identity can challenge who you are.

I enjoyed being able to put Literary Agent on forms asking for my profession. Or Yoga Teacher. Who am I now if I don’t have those?

And now that my darling Beloved has passed away and that dreadful word, never, crowds around me, who am I now that I’m not his wife, now that I don’t have him to care for, to think of before I think of myself. And what is my life now that I don’t have him as my focus.

This is what I shall be exploring over the coming weeks and months. May it inspire you, whatever your bereavement, to find your own new way to Start Again.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.