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Motor car to space flight

I suppose if we go far enough back we could start with Shanks’ Pony! Then the taming of horses and the emerging co-operation between man and animal. Followed of course by the wheel and the discovery that a horse could pull a cart.

Trains and Boats and Planes! Boats are possibly almost as old as man, from little coracles, rafts, the addition of sails and now our monster floating inventions diesel powered .

Trains began life at the start of the 1800s and our high-speed electric designs of today continue to move cargo and passengers quickly over long distances. Their history includes the enigmatic Orient Express and the pioneering wild west trans-continental.

Believe it or not, the motor car was born before the start of the 20th Century, ie around the 1880s, but it was 1903 when Ford Motor company was incorporated and subsequently began the mass production of the motor car.

Considering the flimsy nature of those early planes it must be remarkable that it was in 1961 that the first manned spacecraft left Earth’s atmosphere and circumnavigated the globe.

I don’t remember the car except that my family had one when I was a baby immediately after WW2, but I do remember Yuri Gagarin’s flight.

Travel was changing. In a few short years we went from horse and cart to the moon!