The All That Is

The majority of the World’s great religions are centuries, even Aeons old. They’ve seen us through the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Scientific discoveries and that is perhaps where they began to lose their power over the people. For many people I wonder if faith is as strong for as many people as it used to be. Of course there are many for whom their Faith is their mainstay, their anchor in a changing world, and of course some folk become fanatical.

There are newer religions of course, The Church of Latter Day Saints is only about two hundred years old, as is the Baha’i faith.

There’s been a renewed interest in seeking the Ancient Wisdom that pervades all beliefs, in the last 100 years or so, bringing beliefs that we can have our own direct link to the All That Is, even that we may live more than once, and that we can access our Beloved on the other side. We’ve had ouija boards, seances, ectoplasm, fortune-telling, channelling, mediumship and crystal balls.

Faith evolves as new thoughts gain in popularity and become accepted. I understand that some people have even answered the question as to their faith with ‘Jedi’, which I have to say I rather like!