Changes in our Time

I arrived in the middle of the last century and grew up against the recently ended WW2, with ration books and a slowly emerging world of useful things for around the house. I have soft memories of having our first black and white TV just in time for the Coronation, of listening illicitly to Radio Caroline, the first ‘private’ radio station, under the bedclothes after lights out, this on an early transistor radio. 

I see a Timeline, say the last 120 years or so. Before that things changed fairly slowly by comparison. I heard once that NASA recorded every new invention and that suddenly they couldn’t keep up! No idea of the truth of this statement, but the idea appealed to me.

I see huge changes in a short time, in so many areas of modern life. Let’s take a look at some of them. I seek to show how change is already upon us, moving exponentially. 

And yet, at the same time, I find our world, with its double-security passwords and rules and regulations to protect us, making it so challenging to move through it at all! It feels as if we are charging full steam ahead towards a solid wall!