Empowered Vision

Seeing Things Differently

Remember Stereograms? They are pictures hidden within pictures and to see them you need to look ‘through’ the picture letting your eyes go out of focus. In a similar way, when you change the way you look at life, you see things very differently. Life gives us messages all the time, hidden in plain sight. When you learn how to see these hidden messages, you are using Empowered Vision. You can move from Victim of your life, to Victory in your life.


For those of you who are Star Trek fans, consider the Holodeck. It is where the crew go to create an imaginary scenario, in order to have a holiday, or a break from routine on board the Enterprise. They choose the criteria they want to experience as the ‘game’.

Just like Life! We live in a cosmos of pure potential and are responsible for creating our lives, individually and collectively.

There is plenty of evidence to show how this statement is true. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality including our physical bodies. Or to put it another way, the body reflects the way we think and feel.

It therefore becomes imperative that we accept 100% responsibility. Not blame! What we have now is just the result, the karma. (Karma is not a punishment, just a result). Change our actions, thoughts and mood, and we will change the outer reality.

So how can we read the signs?

Your Body

Pioneered by Louise Hay, who introduced us to the idea that our various illnesses and ailments show us what is going on in our lives, this is the art of developing awareness of the messages that the Universe gives through the body.

When I was working as an aromatherapist and someone presented with a painful shoulder, I would seek to help them see where they were carrying problems, shouldering responsibility so to speak. Aching arms; where are they holding onto? The back is support, and feet may be about boldly stepping forward.

But it’s not only your Body that gives you messages. Your house and your car are worth noting too. Suddenly fancy a big spring clean? Try de-cluttering your mind and emotions too. Car overheating? Perhaps you are suppressing hidden anger.

Using the Mirror

It’s a really useful tool to notice anything that annoys you in someone else and take a look at yourself. Ask “Do I do that?” “Am I like that?” With your new-found sense of responsibility, you can then bring about the change you seek for the better.

Life as a School / Play / Theatre

We are the Director, Producer and Actor!

We chose to come. We chose our life circumstances so that we could learn the lessons they offer, just like taking a University degree we choose the course we want, the lessons we seek to learn. If life is tough, seek to make changes in self that will alter the outer reality.