What a Coincidence!

Have you ever been thinking of someone you’ve not spoken to for ages, when the phone rings and it’s them?

Maybe you’ve thought “I’d love to have one of those….” to then find that you receive it as a gift unexpectedly. Or “I wish I could go”, and then you are invited. Coincidences are not accidents but the result of a thought you’ve unconsciously put out. We create our own reality in so many ways!

We can learn to set up a dialogue with that greater part of self. It’s the part that has inspired the great painters, sculptors, writers through the ages. It doesn’t matter whether you think of it as your Spirit Self, God Self, Higher Self or Guardian Angels and it doesn’t matter what belief system you follow; there is a part of you that inherently ‘knows’ your life plan and what is best for you. The part that tries to stop you falling flat on your face when you desperately want something that will backfire on you!

So, it’s the art of listening. Most of us are too busy with phones, notebooks, iPads, media, social media, games; you name it, we’ve plenty of distractions.

If you learn to ask questions and cultivate the chance to ‘hear’ you will find that you become aware of little signals. At the beginning they can be so fleeting we miss them. Then we think, ‘Fiddlesticks! I knew that.’ For example, something is mislaid. I ask to be shown where it is. I sleep through the night and in the morning, I wake with the urge to check the back of the second drawer down….

Use this technique to be guided in just about everything. Learn to be attentive.