Good Vibes

Raising your Vibration

So you’re excited, happy, partying! Something good has happened to you today. You’re in High Spirits. Your vibratory rate is high. Conversely you feel low, your vibration will be low.

I imagine that most of us have had the experience of going somewhere that ‘feels’ good to us, feels comfortable to be in. It’s not something that you can put your finger on. Conversely perhaps you have been somewhere that for no explicable reason felt really uncomfortable, or have been somewhere and felt you could ‘cut the air with a knife’.

Our aim is to raise our vibratory rate and keep it raised. I don’t mean in that wild partying sense, I mean in terms of learning to think positive, happy, kind thoughts, to become serene, peaceful, to cultivate a restorative, restful peace around you. As we benefit from raising our own rate, so we help those around us, as everyone who comes into our sphere of influence also benefits. The more we raise our vibration, the more we benefit, physically and emotionally/mentally too.

Everything in Creation has its own frequency. Even solid matter is simply Energy vibrating at a dense rate. But did you know that each organ of the body has its own optimum vibratory rate and that this is the basis for vibrational healing?

Visible Spectrum

 is obviously what we can see. But the top bar on the right is how this visible spectrum takes such a tiny part of what we currently know about frequencies.

So there’s Ultraviolet wavelength (shorter than that of the violet end of the visible spectrum but longer than that of X-rays). and Infra red,

Essential Oils Frequencies

As an Aromatherapist we learn about the benefits of the Oils. Some are more aligned with the physical body while others support emotional strength and balance.

But very few schools teach anything about vibratory rates. Since all the oils have a higher rate than the human body, they will all help us to raise our vibration. 

This particular list is provided by Young Living and includes many of their own creations (mixes), but you’ll recognise the more common ones too, like Lavender, Chamomile, Juniper and Melissa.

Rainbow You!

Here’s another way to see it. We are a Rainbow!

But don’t see red as bad. Red is also rooted, strong, powerful. We just need to learn to choose our emotions. Other people don’t make us feel bad. We choose to let something they said or did affect us. As we strengthen our energy field we can move towards choosing not to be affected by other people’s attitudes or unkindness.

And choosing is very different from pushing emotions down, holding them in, pretending you don’t feel them, and then wondering why your health is not so good!