Feeling Low

Bound to happen after feeling so elated on finishing ‘Under my Skin’ over the weekend. Orders placed and a couple of people already reading their ebook versions. Initial response is great. The project has consumed me over the last six months and so I need to turn my attention to the next one.

A slump almost always follows an unnatural ‘high’. It seems it is a challenge to maintain a steady vibration; not too high, not too low. When I first met David, I teasingly labelled him a ‘flatliner’ since he rarely got extremely excited nor did he sink into the black clouds I struggled to avoid. I’m more of a ‘scatter my electrons from here to Los Angeles’ kind of girl, hence I get depressed.

It’s all about vibration. After all, the whole Universe is made up of frequencies and it’s easy to recognise that when we think ‘I feel a bit down today’, it’s because our personal frequency is low, or ‘I’m on a high!’ our frequency is raised. More about frequencies here