Amazing advances in Medicine in such a short time.

Used to be that your GP knew you from infancy, probably saw you come into the world or leave it. Experience and deduction were the main skills. The amazing growth in technology has added a wealth of incredible tests and scans which help our doctors to help us now. Only from the middle of the last century have such incredible aids been available.

The huge growth in medical drugs has largely replaced the use of herbs and natural ways of healing and medicine and spiritual wellbeing have been separated, unlike the tribal Shaman who would have often fulfilled both roles.

Energy medicine is thought to be the medicine of the future, no side-effects, just a correction of your energy field. My teacher says “Dis-ease is simply a distortion of the vibration of who you really are”.

Fortunately we have made great advances in mental health and it is now widely agreed that all illness, or very much of it, springs from emotional turmoil of some sort.

So there’s a wider understanding that health is about balance and harmony.

Whilst I acknowledge the enormous advances in medicine have and do save lives, I cannot help but believe that we need a less stressed return to nature to really attain Wellbeing.